LAHORE Iranian Ambassador Mashallah Shakiri has said that Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) has great role in women development in Pakistan. Speaking after the meeting of Iranian delegation with LCWUs higher management at the varsity campus, he said that both the Muslim countries could collaborate in numerous academic areas like technology, literature, art and research. Irani minister for women affairs Nazri Tahira, Council General Ali Naikai and Director General Abbas Famoori were included in the delegation. The delegation visited Iranian Study Centre, which is set up in Persian Department at LCWU with the funding of Iran. Registrar Prof Shaista Wyne, dean faculty of social science Riffat Saqlain, dean of humanities and languages Dr Hamala Khalid and Faleeha Kazmi briefed the delegation that LCWU was the largest state-run university for women in Pakistan.