ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Peoples Party has decided to slash down the share of the coalition partners in the truncate cabinet to be formed after the dissolution of the incumbent one by the Prime Minister in the next few days and in this connection both the President and Prime Minister have talked to the heads of the coalition partners. Sources in the government informed that the number of federal and state ministers slots given to the coalition partners would be slashed to half in the future cabinet and in this connection both the President and Prime Minister had already started taking the coalition partners into confidence. Although the two main coalition partners of the government - JUI-F and MQM - have refused to join the cabinet yet both Asif Ali Zardari and Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had contacted their heads after the CEC meeting of the party in which the powers to dissolve the federal cabinet was given to the Prime Minister to form a relatively smaller cabinet in the wake of the severe economic crunch and demands from certain quarters. In the first phase some 20 ministers would be inducted and coalition partners would also be given one slot each. As the key coalition partners - MQM and JUI-F - have refused to join the federal cabinet, the other coalition partners including ANP, BNP-A, PML-F and FATA group would be getting one berth each in the federal cabinet while their remaining quota, as defined at the time of coalition formation, would be given to them in the second phase, which would be announced later sometime around June when the whole exercise of devolution of ministries to provinces would be completed. The sources in Awami National Party confirmed that both the President and Prime Minister in their telephonic conversation with ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan on Friday night took him into confidence on the governments decision of reducing the size of the federal cabinet and it was decided that initially Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, who was currently holding the portfolio of Railways Minister, would be taken into the federal cabinet and he would likely to continue with the same portfolio. The sources in ANP further informed that in his meeting with President Zardari on Saturday night Asfandyar had discussed the current political situation with special reference to the slashing down of their partys share in the federal cabinet. It is pertinent to mention here that ANP is not given the due share in the federal cabinet as per their strength in both the houses of the Parliament. The sources further informed that Asfandyar had also discussed the slashing down of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cabinet with the President as well and both the leaders agreed that the cut in the provincial cabinet would be distributed on all the coalition partners in the provincial government pro rata. The sources in Pakistan Peoples Party sharing the discussion going on in the top circles of the party said that though MQM was not becoming part of the federal cabinet, their ministers were very much present in the Sindh Government and as the PPP-led coalition government had decided to trim the size of the provincial governments as well the MQM would definitely face the slash in the number of their ministers in the provincial government.