Motorbike wheeling: Symptom of social malaise

These days, the activity of wheeling and bike stunts is quite common. Unfortunately this trend seems to be increasing day by day especially among youngsters. Recently, I saw an interview of a mother whose young son had lost his life in an accident, which happened when he was performing stunts by wheeling. She recalled the memories of her son, and her sons video was also played in which he was proudly saying to his mother that nothing would happen. But he did not know that his motorbike stunts were to cost him his life. Wheeling also becomes a cause of death and injury for others traveling on the roads. It is poor reflection on a large section of the youth in the country. This tendency to indulge in hooliganism is at its peak on national festivals, when instead of peacefully celebrating, roads are infested with these motorbikes, who literally behave like thugs and harass families who had come out for outing. SAIFULLAH SOOMRO, February 5.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt