The International Cricket Council has announced a rather harsh judgment imposing a ban on Pakistans three players of different durations, Salman Butt for 10 years, Asif seven years and Amir five years. Earlier, these stars had been charged with spot fixing during a test match between Pakistan and England at Lords Cricket Grounds last year. The charges are flimsy in nature and yet no concrete proof could be produced against them. It is alleged that they have accepted heavy money from one Mazhar Majeed, an agent of Indian bookies mafia. Some fake and tailored videos were handed over to the British Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which the concerned players had already denied categorically. Now the question is whether the CPS would investigate the case without any bias. The timing of the decision is of significance. It came a day before the International Cricket Council was due to announce its judgment on these players conduct during the recently concluded series against England. The most unfortunate aspect of the whole gambit is that the Pakistani print and electronic media unleashed unnecessary criticism against these players, thus playing into the hands of those campaigning to defame the Pakistani cricket team. Some observers are of the view that India hatched a conspiracy to malign star Pakistani players who could perform best on Indian, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi grounds where the World Cup matches would be played. Asif and Amir, as bowlers, had done wonders on these grounds. India, being one of the host countries, would like to win the World Cup because for teams, including England, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies and South Africa, it might be rather difficult to adjust to local climatic conditions and this might go to Indias advantage. The role of the Pakistan Cricket Board has also been dubious since this spot fixing scandal came to the limelight. Instead of providing every possible moral and legal support to the players, it remained engaged in casting aspersions on them, in line with those who were out to malign these stars and thus damaging our teams image. Even now when the trial is at its final stages, the PCB representative is not, strangely, present in Doha.