ISLAMABAD - The countrys textile sectors exporters might fail to fulfil the export orders in the coming weeks owing to the restrictions imposed by the Indian government on its cotton exports to Pakistan, which would lead to the loss of millions of dollars to the country. Indian government seems reluctant to lift ban on its cotton export to Pakistan, as requested by Islamabad that will seriously affect the textiles exports, a senior official of the government told TheNation on Saturday. The Pakistan had requested India to allow its exports of cotton for which the deal was already made before imposition of restriction. Pakistan has had low cotton production in the current fiscal year 2010-11, as the unprecedented floods had destroyed the crop at large scale. The country would remain far to achieve the target of cotton production of 14 million bales this year. Pakistani exporters made contracts with India regarding one million cotton bales, however later India refused to export it as commodity prices start increasing in the international market. We are suffering a lot due to the Indias refusal to allow cotton exports to Pakistan and may fail to fulfil the exports targets made with other countries, a textile exporter said. However, he held the government responsible for failure in negotiating with India, as according to him, the govt should allow onions exports to New Delhi when they allow cotton exports to Islamabad. He further said that textile industry was already in hot waters due to the ongoing power crisis in the country and Indians delay in allowing export to Pakistan would add fuel to fire. On the other hand sources in All Pakistan Textile Mills Association and Ministry of Textile industry said, If Indian government does not allow its exports to Pakistan then we have to make deal with USA and West Africa in this regard which would prove costly for us.