ISLAMABAD (PPI) - To redress the prevailing dismal economic conditions in the country, the government ought to come forward with a comprehensive action plan. In this connection, steps need to be identified so that key issues regarding businesses, trade as well as overall economy could be dealt in an effective manner. Munawar Iqbal, the Central President of Pakistan Computer Association (PCA), said this while addressing general body meeting of the Association. He said that low economic growth, high food inflation and cost and shortage of energy, rising unemployment, alarming increase in government borrowings, poor revenue collection were the issues that demand urgent measures. Moreover, low foreign and local investments ought to be a matter of concern and hence, appropriate steps to redress the problem, he said. The Central President of PCA said that the credit by banks is being made more expensive for the private sector as a result no investment is being witness in any sector of the economy. He said that new business ventures were imperative to generate economic activity and employment in the country. He said that the tight monitory policy could not bring any positive results. Therefore, Pakistan should review its course of action. He said that the political instability as well as fragile law and order situation has also hampered economic activities. Munawar Iqbal, while emphasizing upon an action plan to revive economy, said that government should consult private sector to confront with energy crisis and to confront key issues related to economy effectively. The proposals from business community could be sought as the scale of challenges demands a collective national wisdom and policy. However, the corrective measures need to be taken as urgent as possible, keeping in view the rapid deterioration of economy, he concluded.