MUZAFFARABAD  - President Dr Arif Alvi Saturday said that hu­man history was re­plete with precedents in which the use of il­legal force always failed to suppress nations and the same thing was be­ing witnessed in Indian Illegally Occupied Jam­mu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The Indian govern­ment with all its inhu­man tools and tactics failed to deter the deter­mined Kashmiris from seeking their right to self-determination, he said, adding this injus­tice would end soon as no child would be born without raising slogan for the freedom of IIOJK. The president was ad­dressing the AJK Legisla­tive Assembly in connec­tion with the observance of Kashmir Solidarity Day. The special session was attended by the members of the assem­bly, AJK President and Prime Minister.

The president said if there was peace in IIOJK, India should open up the occupied territory for social media and in­ternational delegations. There was a continu­ous blackout to hush up the Indian forces’ naked aggression, brutalities, state-sponsored terror­ism, illegal arrests and extra-judicial killings of the innocent Kashmiris. Rape had been used as a tool of the State to terror­ize and subdue the ongo­ing struggle for freedom, he added. He said the Kashmiri leadership was put under house arrest but Indian forces could not deter the determina­tion of Kashmiri leader late Syed Geelani who was ready to sacrifice his life on road for the cause of liberation.

The president ques­tioned under which international law, the Indian forces had been demolishing houses and using rape as a state tool.

Addresses AJK legislative assembly to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day

He observed that a very complicated situ­ation had emerged out of the Hindutva policy being pursued by the Indian government that wanted to rewrite its history with falsehood. “India has vindicated the Two-Nation Theory with its genocide acts against the Muslims and other minorities,” he added.

The president further said the barbaric and in­human spectacle would not have appeared in IIO­JK, if the promises made by the international or­ganizations had been fulfilled. He observed that conspiracies were hatched during the in­dependence of Pakistan as a leeway for Kashmir was provided to India through Gurdaspur.

Pakistan, he said, had come into being through democracy as people of the sub-continent had voted for it. The Mus­lim majority Kashmir had been a part of Paki­stan and would remain its part. The president called upon the interna­tional community to take immediate notice of the human rights violations in IIOJK. The president said that every Pakistani and Kashmiri firmly be­lieved that IIOJK would soon get freedom.

About the demograph­ic changes in IIOJK, the president said “Let me tell India that it will not succeed. It will not hap­pen rather it would cre­ate more bitterness.”

The prime minister had already pointed to the world that India was treading on a precarious path of genocide of mi­norities, besides carry­ing out an official geno­cide of Kashmiris by destroying their liveli­hood, future generations and economy, he added. The president said that no one could ignore such inhuman treatment of the Muslims and mi­norities in India. There would be no investment in IIOJK, he added.