“Among all the world’s large creatures, the only survivors of the human flood will be humans themselves, and the farmyard animals that 

serve as galley slaves in Noah’s Ark.”

–Yuval Noah Harari

When the entire population of earth had become evil and wicked, God decided to punish it through a flood that was so severe in nature that it destroyed all mankind except Noah, his family and one male and female for every animal and creature who were all safe abode Noah’s ark which he mane upon the instruction of God. Rain poured for forty days and nights and the water rose until every hill was completely submerged. Eventually, the water receded and Noah’s ark came to a rest upon a mountain. From there, he sent out a dove which came back with a fresh olive leaf in its mouth signally that the ground was drying and it was safe for them to leave the boat. This incident is relayed in the book of Genesis, in chapters 6-9.