Chinese fabric, artificial jewelry make fast inroads into Pakistan’s markets

Offering a broad range of choice, Chinese products have become a good source of earning for fabric and fashion jewelry traders, and they are investing more to augment their businesses.

Talking to WealthPK, Nadeem Ahmed, who trades in women’s apparel in the Kutchery Bazaar, said customers prefer Chinese products, finding them durable, comfortable and economical.

“Chinese entrepreneurs offer a diverse range of products from traditional silk to modern blends and their affordability, quality and variety lure the traders of Faisalabad to place orders. Women never compromise on style and price, and the Chinese products serve them both ways,” Nadeem said.

Likewise, yarn market traders have also started to source the Chinese fabric.

Shahid Ali, who trades in fabric, told WealthPK that he faced a challenging situation. The prices of Chinese fabric are low compared with the fabric produced in Faisalabad due to which the traders purchase raw fabric from Chinese traders. Locally, it is called gray fabric.

“With every passing day, the cost of doing business in Pakistan is increasing, as the government keeps meeting the IMF conditionalities for the much-needed financial cushion off and on to keep the country’s economy going. So, China is the best source for traders and exporters to purchase fabric at affordable rates,” he said.

He said the cost of fabric weaved in Faisalabad was high as against the fabric of same quality imported from China. 

“I have earned a lot selling the Chinese fabric. However, arranging it is a daunting task, as any issue on the border causes shortage of the product. The Chinese fabric is making inroads into the local markets with each passing day. Owing to the low cost and variety, the traders are switching to the Chinese varieties,” Shahid added. 

Ubaid Babar, a Jhang Road trader, who visited China to import Chinese products, was very happy because of his thriving business.

Talking to WealthPK, he said the cost of products imported from China was far low compared to the local products. Scores of investors ask him to take them to China so that they could purchase products of their choice due to their popularity with Pakistani buyers.

He said the traders were eager to develop a business line with the Chinese entrepreneurs due to their production capacity and low rates. The Chinese products are outshining the local items because of quality and low rates. They serve both the traders and customers. Gold is getting pricier due to which the brides now prefer to buy the Chinese artificial jewelry,” he added.

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