How trending toys are teaching immorality to our children?

Invest your time in the upbringing of your children, as your children are your biggest asset and you surely cannot let them fall prey to such immoral conspiracies

We are living in a world where it is extremely easy to promote anything by instigating 'peer pressure'. Be it convincing some one to watch a season on Netflix, buying a certain type of clothes, or eating out at a famous restaurant, it's all dependant on how profoundly the hype is created. The greater the hype, the greater the number of audience or consumers.

The recent trend in the market is of 'Pop it' toys. The craze of owning this toy amongst children is spreading like jungle fire. Unfortunately, parents in Pakistan lack the sense of curiosity and research. I was one of those parents, until one day I pondered over the fact that there are better toys available in the market, then why is this specific toy is making so much rounds amongst the younger generation? Also why is this toy widely available in 'Rainbow' colour only?

My research made me go spell bound. This very 'cute' rainbow pop it toy is actually representative of the LGBTQ flag. The rainbow flag is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and queer pride. Also known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, the rainbow colours reflect the diversity of the LGBT community and the "spectrum" of human sexuality and gender.

To probe further about the usage of these 'pop it' toys in Pakistan, I conducted a survey at a social networking group 'Scaryammi' on Facebook. The group has around 103k members. 90% of the participants stated that their children already own this toy, 5% of the participants said that they haven't yet bought it as they fail to understand the reason of its hype, whereas the remaining 5% refused to buy it for their children as they find it useless.

It merits mention that child psychologists believe that some toys available in the market could develop “harmful” habits in children, urging for further parental control. 

It is pertinent to note that authorities in Qatar have recently seized a line of 'un-Islamic' pop it toys that feature rainbow patterns similar to LGBT flags.

The line of rainbow coloured children's toys were confiscated from stores, with officials saying they were contrary to 'Islamic values'.

The ministry of commerce and industry 'carried out inspection campaigns on several retail outlets in different regions across Qatar', it said on Twitter.

'The campaigns resulted in the seizure and release of several violations, including the confiscation of children's toys bearing slogans that go against Islamic values.'

'The ministry urges all citizens and residents to report any product bearing logos or designs contrary to our traditions,' the statement added.

'Pop it' toys aren't the first ones to promote this propaganda. Earlier in May 2021, Lego too announced to launch a rainbow coloured set to promote LGBTQ school of thought amongst children.

In December 2021, another toy, called the 'dancing cactus' became viral on social media. While it was marketed as an educational toy, a woman in Brampton, Ontario, discovered something contradictory. The miniature, bright-green dancing cactus danced to songs in English, Spanish and Polish. After buying it, the woman discovered that one of the songs in its repertoire was an explicit tune about how to cope up with hopelessness by consuming cocaine.

It is pertinent to note that various mediums are being used to indoctrinate immorality into the innocent minds of children. Toys are one of those mediums being used for the indoctrination of homosexuality into the naive minds of our children. 

Have we wondered as to why every other season or movie on Netflix includes atleast one character who is homosexual? I'll tell you why? It is done in order to constantly feed the audience's conscience with an immorality until one's brain unconsciously normalizes it. The same is being done by slowly and gradually promoting the agenda of making homosexuality common through digital media and branding through various objects, sadly, toys being one of them.

Becoming parents is easy, but raising them is one of the toughest tasks in the world. I urge you all to please scrutinize what your children are watching on the television or which toys are they insisting to buy. Ask them what is so fascinating about it? Analyze their interests and behaviour patterns. Invest your time in the upbringing of your children, as your children are your biggest asset and you surely cannot let them fall prey to such immoral conspiracies.

Manal Jaffery

The writer is a member of the staff. She is a literature graduate from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. She is an aspiring journalist and writer. She can be reached via Email:

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