Pakistani renowned Television host Maya Khan opened up about the inhumane and cruel body shaming that she had faced after putting on weight.

Talking about it, Maya Khan got emotional and she said, “I had seen messages on body shaming, heard abusive language, I had bear a lot of things, I used to think that how can people be so bad, how can they think like that, how can they have so much hatred”.

“Having breathing issues, acidity, shortness of breath and joblessness, everything goes simultaneously. I am very thankful to TV one and News One who gave me work despite my weight issues,” added Maya.

She further said, “People used to ask what has happened to you, you have gained a lot of weight, it shattered my confidence, I stopped socializing, I stopped going outside”. She said that designers refused to give her dresses, she was cancelled from work place.

“People used to taunt on my weight, I used to think how people could be so cruel and inhuman. Is it a crime to be fat “, said Maya.

She said, “You will be humiliated by the man whose child you are raising, he will say in your face that you will explode one day.”