Artist turns humans into fruit, landscapes

South Tyrol, Italy DM - The world’s best bodypainter plays tricks with the mind with incredible body art in which his subjects disappear into their backgrounds.
Visual wiz Johannes Stoetter has replaced canvas with the human body, transforming his living models into objects inspired by the natural world.
Johannes, 35, spends up to five months painstakingly planning and perfecting each of his amazing creations. Each work of art then takes up to eight hours to complete using special breathable paint. The stunning creations, which include fruit made from painted heads, have earned Johannes the world bodypainting title.
Johannes, from South Tyrol in Italy, said: ‘I did my first bodypainting experiment in 2000. ‘Five years earlier I had the idea to paint a human body but it took me until I was 23 to try it.
‘The experience was so special that I wanted to do it again immediately - I wanted to try it with different colours, a different model and a different motive. ‘I couldn’t imagine that there would be a way to earn money with bodypainting, but nevertheless I was totally convinced that I wanted to do it - I felt that it was my way.
‘I found out about the bodypainting world championship and took part for the first time in 2009. ‘To my amazement I finished fifth, and that was the beginning of a new bodypainting era for me. ‘From that moment I was fixed on winning the world title.’I started bodypainting full time, and in 2012 my hard work finally paid off - I won.’It was one of the best feelings in my life.

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