PM to engage more global leaders on aggravating Afghan situation

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan is likely to engage more international leaders in coming days to highlight the aggravating situation in Afghanistan in the wake of pullout of US-led NATO forces.

The Prime Minister, informed sources said, would underscore need of political solution to the lingering Afghan conflict as well as consequences of an impending civil war faced by neighbouring countries of Afghanistan.

Sensing gravity of the situation in the neighbouring country, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday reached out to newly-elected Iranian President and shared Pakistan’s concerns with him about evolving situation in Afghanistan. Both the leaders agreed on an Afghan-led Afghan-owned political solution.

According to sources, Prime Minister is expected to contact leaders of other neighbouring countries of Afghanistan to discuss the deteriorating security situation after US and NATO pulled out their troops from Afghanistan.

Prime Minister would discuss Afghanistan situation with the leadership of Uzbekistan during his expected visit to Central Asian Republic this month. Plans are also afoot to engage leadership of Russia, China, Turkey, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Plans are afoot to engage leadership of Russia, China, Turkey, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Gulf countries

Similarly, Prime Minister is also expected to contact leadership of Gulf  Arab countries as well as other members of Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) during the coming weeks to share Pakistan’s concerns over the situation in Afghanistan and its consequences for neighbouring countries especially Pakistan.

Islamabad fears that if the key stakeholders in Afghanistan failed to reach an agreement soon, there will be a civil war and consequently there would be another influx of Afghans seeking refuge in the neighbouring countries including Pakistan.

Analysts are predicting a graver situation in Afghanistan in the coming months and believe that Pakistan may face major influx of Afghan refugees because of their preference. They were of the view that Afghans fleeing violence would opt for Pakistan to take refugee rather than going to Iran or other neighbouring countries of Afghanistan largely because of the harsher conditions in those countries. Presently, Pakistan is hosting 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees and is seeking their safe and honourable return to Afghanistan.

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