An Indian plane abandoned at Karachi airport eventually took off for New Delhi after being stalled in Pakistan for almost a day.

The Dubai-bound plane carrying 138 passengers and staff was stranded in Karachi after making an emergency landing at Jinnah International Airport due to a technical fault on Tuesday.

Sources within Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) said that the Boeing 737 Max-8 of Spice Jet, flight no SG-9922 flew to New Delhi Wednesday morning after the engineers of Pakistan International Airlines fixed the fault.

They said that the flight took off at 3:24am and landed safely in New Delhi at 5:35am. According to the sources, this plane is three years old and it took its first flight in December, 2018.

The CAA spokesperson said that the passengers of the stranded plane had been allowed to stay at a lounge in Karachi airport after emergency landing. Later, they were boarded on to another plane and flew to Dubai after a 12-hour stay.

However, the unfit aircraft stayed in Karachi for repairs for 18 hours.