Swabi - President Dr Arif Alvi on Tuesday said that despite various challenges and difficulties Pakistan would rise if the leadership of the country took correct decisions at present critical juncture of the history.

The President was addressing the 26th convocation ceremony of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. He conferred degrees on a total of 487 students including 430 BS graduates, 47 MS and 10 PhD scholars.

Narrating the capabilities of Pakistani nation, Dr Alvi said India conducted nuclear explosion on May 18, 1974 and exactly 11 years after Pakistan’s worthy scientists fully back by their government achieved the objective of nuclear deterrence capability against our arch-rival, India.

President Alvi, who is also chancellor of GIK Institute, said that Pakistan successfully tackled the October 2005 earthquake when Balakot and its suburbs razed to the ground and Pakistani nation helped the victims before reaching the world agencies.

Another extraordinary capability displayed by the nation was fight against the deadly COVID-19 when it had shaken the entire world and the economic position of the whole world had weakened.

“We have accommodated four million Afghan refugees since the former Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan in Dec 1979,” he said, adding that despite numerous difficulties and economic constraints the Afghan refugees felt comfortable here and that it had become possible due to the unbelievable capabilities of Pakistani nation.

Dr Arif Alvi said that Pakistan also brilliantly defeated the monster of terrorism and came out successful from the war on terror. “We are proud of all these achievements and the bravery and courage displayed by the Pakistani nation at the time of challenges,” he said.

The President said that only natural resources could not guarantee economic prosperity and military supremacy. It is the manpower and contemporary education which help a country to be economically prosperous, politically strong and militarily powerful while giving the example of Japan and Germany that how they rose from the ignominious defeat of the Second World War. “If only the natural resources guaranteed prosperity and supremacy, the Middle Eastern countries would have the status of superpowers,” he said.

Shakil Durrani, Executive Director of GIK Institute parent body Society for Promotion of Engineering Sciences and Technology in Pakistan (SOPREST), said that GIK Institute is one of the institutions that is contributing towards building the future of the country and graduates of the Institute are outstanding.

Confers degrees on 487 students  of GIK Institute

Prof Dr Fazal Ahmed, GIK Institute Rector, said that the GIK Institute graduates could meet the global engineering and sciences challenges and the Institute is committed to providing a rich and research-informed educational experience through Outcome Based Learning that will transform the lives of our students.

The 10 PhD scholars on whom the degrees were conferred included  Muhammad Shakeel, Zahra Andleeb, Zaiwar Ali, Abdul Ahad, Muhammad Tanveer, Atta-ur-Rahman, Aziz-ur-Rahman, Israrullah, Asimullah and Sohail Gohar.

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Model was awarded to Azam Jan, gold medal in graduate programmes in Engineering to Abdullah Sheraz, gold medal in graduate programs in sciences to Shazma Ali and Quaid-e-Azam medal to Kareema Batool.

The faculty based gold medals were awarded to Umais Khan, Ali Fahad Lodhi, Muhammad Nauman, Umer Iqbal, Ghufran Akbar, Abdul Wahid, Hassan Iftikhar, Syed Zoraiz Hussain, Asad Wadood and Azam Jan.