QUETTA - Senator Samina Mumtaz said on Tuesday youth is the asset and it is the national responsibility to guide the youth in the right direction for the future,the nations that  focus on their youth, progress rapidly.

She said while addressing to a delegation that the youth of Balochistan had shown their technical and scientific skills in every field and brought prestige to Pakistan. She said that we should attract the young generation towards education and take the people of Balochistan out of ignorance.

She said that it was the responsibility of all of us to create opportunities for higher and vocational education for the youth of Balochistan.

“Youth is the architect of our future,she said.”  Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri expressed that the youth of Balochistan would set an example for the world in the field of education, sports, technical education and art.

She further emphasized that youth of the province had grabbed remarkable achievements despite of scanty resources in the past,the youth would strive hard to brighten the future of Pakistani nation,she vowed.