ISLAMABAD - The tug-of-war between Pakistan Cricket Board and Shahid Afridi is getting out of hands whereas it is feared that opportunists will take full advantage of the situation. The lobby is active to increase differences between the PCB and Afridi, which is also a hurdle in amicable solution of the issues. Now the politicians have jumped in this saga giving statements in Afridi's favour and demanding to sack Ejaz Butt. Most of these politicians have never played cricket or don't have any knowledge about it. They are just trying to be in news. On one hand, they blame PCB and its chairman for not taking action against the players involved in groupings in the team while on the other if finally PCB takes some action, these so-called cricket-lovers suddenly change their stance and begin giving versions in favour of the players. This double standard needs to be changed as quickly as possible. Let the board and players decide what is right and wrong for the team and country. If PCB commits a mistake, it is the right of the people and their elected representatives to raise fingers at it, but when the PCB is trying to bring some kind of discipline in the players attitude then let them do their work freely. Afridi in the past time and again violated the code of conduct and publicly criticised the PCB and others. If one agrees with him, it doesn't mean Afridi is Mr Clean. He was given too much freedom as a captain and if he felt as if the coach, manager or any other person is not letting him work according to his right, he should have raise this issue with the team management. Why did he continue captaincy? The answer is very simple that he was enjoying all the privileges as a captain. But when PCB was forced to take action against him, he went to media to play with the public sentiments and make lobby for himself by hiding the actual facts. During his tenure as captain he had not played a single match winning innings, as captain it was expected of him to lead the team from the front, a role in which he was a total flop. On numerous occasions Afridi with his childish approach and casual batting snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Ejaz Butt is known for making decisions of his liking and imposing them but on the other hand no one can deny the fact Afirid enjoyed full backing of not only the chairman but also the selection body and selected players according to his liking. When someone as captain select the team then he should face the music and accept the responsibility rather than blaming others. Suddenly the past greats like Wasim Akram and others have started to give statements in Afridi's favour and blaming PCB for all this, this is not true. This is just one sided story in fact, PCB was forced in to this situation, since taking over captaincy Afridi had not played a single three figure innings, it was expected as by nature Afridi is an aggressive person he will take bold decisions and take the team towards new heights, this dream remain to be fulfil. When ever a pressure situation was witnessed during the match Afridi was seemingly looked out of sorts and lost his temper. Afridi must have to realise he is the one who had created this situation and only he can resolve this issue and that is only possible through realising his mistakes and instead of further aggravating the situation and let the others decide his fate, he must personally arrange a meeting with PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt and explain his position. By filing a case against PCB or giving rash statements against others will not help him, this will further dampen his chances to play again for his country, as there is no lack of talent in Pakistan. Just like becoming a heartthrob of millions of fans after becoming part of the team, Afridi must realise no one is above the rules of game. He should to resolve issues himself, as he still has a lot of cricket in him. He can serve his country for years to come. If Afridi continues to let others decide his future, the opportunists will never allow him to resolve things as this will against their personal agenda and the lifeline for them to remain in the news, now Afridi and the PCB have to decide whether they want to set aside their personal egos and work for the betterment of the cricket or want to continue fighting and bring a bad name for not only cricket but for the country too. The time is fast running out as Afridi has hired the services of a legal firm to get permission from the PCB to play cricket in UK. The PCB has cancelled all his NOCs and he is not able any more to play abroad without permission.