NANKANA SAHIB - Robbers are on the rampage in densely populated area, triggering panic and sense of insecurity among the masses. A veiled woman and her two accomplices entered the house of Saghir Ahmed at Aqsa colony in the limits of Warbuton Police and looted 20 tolas gold ornaments , valuable watch, three mobiles and Rs 0.9 million cash. In another incident, bandits wearing police uniform looted of cotton thread worth o.6 million along with a truck and kidnapped its driver and his helper. Reportedly, Lal Din, a resident of Dinna Nath Chak No 66 loaded cotton on a truck on behalf of M Yaquoob goods transport from Sarfraz Textile Mills, Faisalabad, for Mehar Industries Multan Road, Lahore. They were on the way when four unknown people wearing police uniforms came on car bearing LES-5211and stopped the truck and on gunpoint, kidnapped the driver and his helper and went towards Shraqpur Road and fled away after tighten them with ropes. The police have registered a case against accused. On the other hand, Destruction of rice mill machinery and open firing for mercenary and extortion though a person luckily survived. Despite tall claims by the district police, there is no letup in such crimes and to provide appropriate security and protection to the masses from criminals, killing people, damaging their installed machineries and kidnapping for ransom, extortion and mercenary, causing a sense of helpless, insecure as they have no other option except to pay money to the extortionists as a last resort. In the same way, Sh Farooq Ahmed, a resident of Mandi Faizabad, received call from the cellphone No 0322-6487184, threatening to kill him if he did not pay ransom. Separately, unknown criminals openly fired upon a man but luckily he survived. But the criminals destructed his Barala Rice Mill Machinery worth millions of rupees. The Mandi Faizabad Police have registered have a case. Police of the district have failed to protect their lives and there is no one ready to help, listen and provide security to the scared and frightened masses. Talking to the media, he slammed the district police for, what he called, their failure to curb crimes ensuring protection to the locals. He told the media such criminal roamed freely while the police had been doing nothing, leaving shopkeepers, businessmen and the masses in lurch. The scared residents appealed to Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to help them and take notice of such a critical situation.