ISLAMABAD (Online): Chairman Intellectual Property Organization (IPO-Pakistan) Hameedullah Jan Afridi has said that IPO-Pakistan would be made trade and commerce friendly organization by promoting genuine business entrepreneurs and providing a congenial atmosphere for local and foreign investment. He expressed these views while talking to the representatives of business community who called on in IPO Headquarter. Afridi said that trade and commerce industry is vital of improvement of the overall industrial development of the country and keeping in view the successful stories of developed countries it is imperative for Pakistan to boost economic activities by promulgation of effective laws and their strict implementation. He said that IPO-Pakistan would fulfill its responsibilities by giving legal protection to all registered businesses under IPO laws. He asked the business community to join hands with IPO-Pakistan for making efforts to flourish legal business practices in Pakistan and expanding employment opportunities. He said a number of steps were being adopted to provide maximum facilities to all those who wants to register their creations and in order to achieve these objectives, necessary steps were being adopted with the consultation of experts and representatives of business community.