DECISIONS are a part and parcel of the life of every human being. In every area, be it personal or professional life, we need to take decisions. There are various types of decision making, which can vary in importance. There could also be some instances where decisions may need to be taken very quickly. But when we are faced with problems or dilemmas where our decision has the ability to affect not only us, but others around us as well, then they have to be made very carefully. To take a decision we have to follow a procedure. And it consists of many steps, Identify the real problem. It is the most important thing that you must identify the original problem if you dont do it carefully then you can not do right decision. And can not solve that problem that you are actually facing in your organization. So its very important step to make a right decision. Get the facts it is also a very important step of decision making process remember that you cannot get all the facts. Get as many facts as possible about a decision within the limits of time imposed on you and your ability to process them, but remember that every decision must be made in partial ignorance. Lack of complete information must not be allowed to paralyze your decision. . Develop alternatives its also an important step in decision making. Make a list of all the possible choices you have, including the choice of doing nothing. Also be sure to think about not just identifying available alternatives but creating alternatives that dont yet exist. Rate each alternative this is the evaluation of the value of each alternative. Consider the negative of each alternative and the positive of each. Also dont forget to include indirect factors in the rating. If you are deciding between machines X, Y, and Z and you already have an employee who knows how to operate machine Z, that fact should be considered. An other very important factor in decision making is the goal that you want to achieve if your goal is not clear then you can not take right decision. These are some important steps of decision making which are usually followed by managers in organizations or in any field of life. By following these steps you can make better decision in your problems and you can avoid many loses in life.