Facing American aggression

More than five hundred militants equipped with modern weapons of NATO forces, attacked check-post in Upper Dir and inflicted heavy losses to our forces. Earlier, investigation has proved that terrorists involved in attack at PNS Mehran Base had used American weapons and communication system. So should be there by any doubt about American liaison? Abbottabad incident, the attack on FC Centre and Navy Base has shattered confidence of the nation. NATO Helicopters violating our air space, drone attacks hitting our land and CIA operatives working in our country has caused bad psychological impact on the masses. Americans are striking our soil while we have closed our eyes like a pigeon, in a hope, to escape death from the cat. Finally, America and India are planning to move ground forces in Pakistan. Now the time has come for Pakistan to halt its cooperation with America. Any desire for long-term partnership would be suicidal act for the nation. As the end game in Afghanistan is drawing near, Americans are growing angry and confronting with Pakistan. America has to guard its interests in the region, keeping India as its ally. Therefore, we need to work out an offensive strategy to contain American role in South Asia. American soldiers on our soil must go back; CIA centers in Pakistan must be closed down. Above all, we should break the begging bowl and bluntly refuse to get American aid at the cost of Pakistan. The American war should not move into Pakistan but be fought in the enemys territory. Presently, the world politics are also favourable for Pakistan. Taliban are strong enough to topple the Kabul based government in no time. Besides, Russia and China have tightened their noose around America. In fact, it has been the part of our strategy to fight American threats first. And consequently, India got time to plot against Pakistan. Pakistan must pursue tit for tat policy, as it did in the 80s, and open new fronts against India to counter Indian proxy war. Pakistan has no direct confrontation with Taliban and has brought US war on its own soil. The best way to eliminate militancy from Pakistan is to open dialogue with them. Giving them concessions and guarantees, we are to win their confidence and foil enemys attempt. In this way, the task should be to change their course of action, settle matters with them and bring militants into national fold. India must know that nuclear strike is the first option of Pakistan against Indian aggression. Likewise, Americans must realize that its military bases in Afghanistan are also in the range of our missiles PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, June 4.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt