The public has no security of life, food health and education. Unemployment is increasing by the hour. More and more people are sliding below the poverty line. Who is responsible for the present state of affairs in the country? Unpredictable outages have affected production of 7000 industrial units of sport, surgical and leather in Sialkot. As a result of this, traders associated with export of sport, surgical and leather have suffered 40 percent shortages in export targets this summer and thousands of industrial workers are also facing job cuts. Sialkot industries deserved a better treatment in power supplies as the city is earning $1.26 billion foreign exchange annually. Shortage of natural gas, petrol and electricity has affected industry and businesses. Successive governments have never fully utilized resources and focused their energies on development. We do not see any serious effort by the government to address these issues. The opposition is equally responsible as it has failed in checking and guiding the government. Unrest in the country is increasing. Before it goes out of control, the government should think about development. Violent protests over loadshedding have become a routine in different parts of the country. Roads closures cause problems to commuters and burning of tyres increases pollution. Several localities also suffer an acute shortage of water as tube wells cannot be operated owing to power outages. We have time and again assessed the performance of the people responsible for the supply of power but they have refused to acknowledge their system which is rotten due to rampant corruption and inefficiency. The government does not realize the frustration of the people. Moreover, the problem of our country has never been the lack of natural resources, but our only problem is lack of sincere leadership which really cares for the country and its people. In the last but not the least, Pakistan is facing social and economic challenges. Civil society should give suggestions for solution of national problems and promote a culture of equitable use of resources. S.A.KHOKHAR, Lahore, June 4.