OKARA -Angry mob resorted to vandalism at a private hospital situated at 9/L plot against the height of negligence of the administration of the hospital that resulted in the death of a woman and her nascent baby who was brought to there for a delivery. The relatives protested against the hospital administration and midwife. They broke the windowpanes of the hospital and demanded registration of a case against the people concerned. Sources informed that a resident of 7/GD labourer Falak Shers wife Azra Bibi was brought to Bala Pir Surgical Hospital at 9/L plot for a delivery. In the meantime, midwife Anwar Bibi started her operation for delivery instead of a lady doctor. As she not a qualified doctor and could managed the process that resulted in the death of both the woman and the nascent baby. Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased started protesting against the hospital administration. They turned violent, smashed the windowpanes of the hospital and demanded registration of a case against the persons concerned. Later, the administration assured them of a befitting action at which the protesters dispersed. HONEST LEADERSHIP NEEDED: Jamaat-e-Islami District Ameer Farooq Sheikh has said the anti-state forces have been making efforts to shatter the foundation of the country. For progress and prosperity of the country, bold, honest leadership is needed. The corrupt rulers are, in fact, a hindrance in the way of prosperity and development. Talking to the media in the office of Jamaat-e-Islami, he said injustice and spiralling prices have made the people desperate. Cruelty and atrocity are at their peaks. The slave political rulers of America have touched the climax. Judges visit: Several local judges and officials visited central jail and inspected living standards over there. The Okara District and Session Judge Malik Falak Sher Farooq along with Additional Session Judge Khalid Mehmood Malik, Senior Civil Judge Mohammad Kaleem Khan, Civil Judges and other officers concerned visited Central Jail, Sahiwal and inspected kitchen, hospital, barracks, seven blocks kothi and other sections in the jail.