PESHAWAR - In order to draw future line of action and evolve a joint strategy in the aftermath of drone attacks, security forces operations and extra judicial killings, a 'Loya Jirga will be held on July 4 in Peshawar. Besides the political leadership and tribal elders from FATA, religio-political leadership, elders, ulema, representatives of journalists, human rights organisations and bar associations from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will also attend the jirga. The decision to hold 'Loya Jirga was taken at an all parties conference (APC) held under the auspices of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) FATA chapter at Almarkazi Islami here on Sunday. The jirga will be held at Nishtar Hall. Prominent among those who participated in the JI sponsored FATA APC were, JIs Zar Noor Afridi, Dr Munsif Khan, Shahjehan Afridi, PTIs Mohammad Iqbal Afridi, PPPs Jangriz Khan, PML-Ns Syed Wali Shah, ANPs Mian Ikram Ullah, PML-Qs Faqir Mohammad, JUI-Fs Syed Kabir Khan and Asad Khan of PPP-S. After the APC meeting, JI FATA ameer Sahibzada Haroon-ur-Rasheed while talking to media persons, said tribesmen were passing through a critical phase of their lives. Millions of them were forced to become refugees in their own country just because of military operations in FATA, which he said was regrettable. He said targeted and extra-judicial killings were taking place. Thousands of people had lost their lives in US drone attacks and the government was seeing all that like a silent spectator just to appease the US administration, he alleged.