DESPITE the best irrigation system we are water stressed country and this problem is going to get worst with the passage of time. Debate on water issues has become a social taboo in our country. Dependence on a single river system means that we have little of the robustness that most other countries enjoy. Pakistan which was once water abundant country in 1950s (having a per capita water Than 5000 M3 persons), will be a water scarce country by 2017. The per capita water Availability, which is now (1100 M3) persons, will be (1000 M/3). We urgently need series of water storages and Kalabagh dam is prominent in this regard. Kalabagh dam which is more of technical and project management issue has been politicized and politicians have used it and exploited people by creating misperceptions and confusions about the project. The need for Kalabagh dam is becoming more and more severe as time goes on in current crunching times for our economy it is very necessary that big projects like Kalabagh dam should be executed because they add value to the economy that is essential at the moment. The idea that smaller dams should be built is right but the fact is smaller dams cannot replace the bigger dams and right now in the circumstances in which budget deficit is increasing and amidst very little growth we need to focus on bigger projects which can create positive signal in the economy and eradicate the pessimism that whole economy is facing right now. Now its the time that we realize the importance of this project and remove all the reservations and misperceptions of parties involved in this project. We need to create more awareness about the project among the people and help them realise how important this project is for our country so they cannot be exploited by political actors. Now there is a general perception among those who matter that had this project been executed according to initial plans, the country would have not faced the power shortages which have already caused losses of billions of rupees to the national economy. Conjecturing apart, the empirical reality does not indicate any change in traditional the empirical reality does not indicate any change in traditional the empirical reality does not indicate any change in traditional positions of conflicting parties. Now its the time to change the traditional behaviour.