Lobbies conspiring against EDO Education

TARBELA GHAZI - Some lobbies of influential people have become active against newly appointed Executive District (EDO) education, Haripur, to restrain him from taking developing steps for the improvement of education system in the district. According to sources, some people have hatched a conspiracy against the Muhammad Riaz Khan Swati, who has recently been posted as EDO education in Haripur district. The EDO soon after taking over the charge has started taking steps for the improvement of education department. He has revealed that there are over a hundred female teachers in the district who utilising their political influence and other unfair means have got themselves posted nearest to their home stations and the schools in far-flung areas are being closed due to acute shortage of teachers. Swati has cancelled all the illegal transfer orders and directed the teachers to report in the schools where they were originally posted. He warned them that they would face stoppage of their salaries in case they did not comply with the directions. The EDO has also started scrutinising black sheep in the department who were playing a key role in the illegal activities and causing distraction of education system. The district dwellers have demanded of the EDO to take action against the male teachers also so that they stop shirking their duties. On the other hand, the beneficiaries of the illegal orders and transfers have approached their influential patrons to get back their home stations. They have hatched a conspiracy against the EDO terming his actions as a victimisation of teacher community, especially females, in order to pressurise the EDO to withdraw his new orders.

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