LAHORE The majority opinion of the Muthidda Muslim League ranks is in favour of forging an alliance with the meaningful factions of the Muslim League on minimum conditions instead of vying for other options regarding forming a larger electoral coalition to grab a reasonable share in the next general election, TheNation has learnt. Sources in the MML thinking to have the four-party Muslim League alliances leadership regarding the new alliance told this scribe on Sunday that larger opinion among the four-League amalgam supported the idea of forming a coalition with the PML-N. At the same time, some of them support the idea of joining hands with the PML-Q while forging an alliance with the PTI, the JI, nationalist parties of Sindh and Balochistan and other small political parties. Shedding further light on the thinking going on in the rank and file of the PML-Q (Like-Minded Group), the PML (Zia), the PML (Functional), and the Awami Muslim League leaderships, they said that majority of these leaders were of the view that they should bargain with meaningful Muslim League factions to forge a larger electoral alliance. The MML sources also disclosed that Like-Minded leader Senator Saleem Saifullah would invite JUI-F chief, Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman very soon for a lunch to open more political options especially in Khyber-Pukhtunkhawa and Balochistan keeping in view the strong presence of the JUI-F in the two provinces. Informing about further details, they claimed that group among MML leaderships opposing considering any alliance with PML-N was generally against the despotic attitude of the PML-Ns high command, while the supporters of PML-N level same charges against the PML-Q senior leadership. However, they added that some of the strong supporters of the PML-Q among MML circles were of the opinion that 'high command of PML-Q is a lesser evil than PML-Ns top leadership. They further told this paper that it was also the view of the MML leadership that member parties of the four-party league amalgam would maintain their separate identities whether they would forge alliance with Muslim League factions or with other political forces. When asked about the meeting of three PML-Q Senators namely Tariq Azeem, Naeem Hussain Chattha and Javed Ali Shah with PML-N chief the other day claiming themselves as independent group of PML-Q, MML sources maintained that they enjoy the support of the stated Senators. MML sources told that next meeting of the alliance on June 7 at the residence of PML (Zia) chief, Ijaz-ul-Haq would be vital in shaping up the strategy of four-party league coalition regarding formation of a larger electoral alliance. It is to be mentioned here that the four-League leadership announced a few days back that it would take part in the next general election from the platform of the MML. However it would make all efforts to convert their alliance into a larger coalition with a special emphasis on unifying all factions of Muslim League and at the same time they would continue talks with other political forces for forging a greater electoral coalition. Senator Saleem Saifullah, senior MML leader when reached, confirming some portion of the information of this reporter said that unifying all Muslim Leagues was on the top priority, however, political negotiations for forging a greater electoral alliance with PTI, JI, PPP (Sherpao) and nationalist parties of Sindh and Balochistan would continue keeping in view the next year as the election year. When asked about Pervez Musharrafs All Pakistan Muslim Leagues inclusion in the efforts to form an alliance, he said the APML had no role in the upcoming political scenario.