Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has expressed the hope to persuade the United States through diplomatic channels to stop drone attacks and provide technology to Islamabad. He said Pakistan would not allow its territory to be used against any country saying the United States has confirmed the killing of Ilyas Kashmiri in the drone attack on Friday last. Addressing a press conference here in Quetta on Monday, the Prime Minister held out an assurance that the government would follow a foreign policy that serves the interests of the country. He said Pakistan wants to maintain excellent relations with all its neighbours including India, Afghanistan and Iran. He said Pakistan is also striving to maintain excellent relations with the United States, China and Saudi Arabia. Replying to a question he said terrorism is a global phenomenon and the world community will have to make coordinated efforts to address the problem regionally and globally. About a list of terrorists that the United States has supposedly given to Pakistan, he said there is intelligence sharing between ISI and CIA and the list, if any, must be related to Al-Qaeda. He said the United States is concerned about top leadership and commanders of Al-Qaeda and we too have concerns because we cannot allow use of our soils for terrorist activities against any third country To another question he said the government believes in freedom of the press and independent judiciary and provision of protection to mediapersons is its top priority. The Prime Minister told a questioner that he was determined to implement each and every item contained in Aghaz Haqoon-e-Balochistan Package He said the next meeting of the Federal Cabinet would be held in Quetta and its single point agenda would be developmental activities in the provinces. He has given directions to Federal Ministers, parliamentarians and members of the provincial assemblies to ensure their greater presence in Balochistan. One Minister would visit Quetta every week for intensified interaction with the provincial government in resolving problems of the province. He said he himself would also be visiting Quetta every month. Gilani said he would direct Minister for Water and Power and Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources to visit the province and sort out problems relating to electricity and exploitation of natural resources. He also directed the Ministry of Water and Power to ensure that the menace of load-shedding in Balochistan was reduced and there was no unscheduled load-shedding. To a question he said the provincial autonomy has been strengthened by 18th constitutional amendment and NFC award under which smaller provinces have received more resources and powers. The Government is resolved to address the issue of sense of deprivation by increasing job opportunities in Balochistan. For this purpose, the Prime Minister said, he has already relaxed criteria regarding age, height and qualifications to facilitate induction of five thousand people in law enforcing agencies. He said twenty thousand people would be inducted in different agencies and federal government organizations. Instructions have also been given to give representation to the province in corporations. He said as per commitment, the Government has started withdrawing army from some areas replacing it with FC. About missing persons, he said, the number has reduced from previously six thousand to only 38 and the Government would fully cooperate with the judiciary in reducing it further. The prime minister categorically stated that there was no political prisoner in the country. He also denied that any journalist was in the custody of the government. Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani were also present during the media talks.