ISLAMABAD - Women Parliamentarians of Pakistan and Afghanistan met here in here on Sunday to build confidence between the two countries and to advance the role of women lawmakers in peace and stability of the region. The Afghan Parliamentarians during their two-day visit that concluded on Sunday called on the representatives of National Assembly and government officials and adopted the plan of action (The Islamabad Action Plan) which includes recognizing the importance of women lawmakers in strengthening relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and of agreeing on a common strategic vision for sustainable peace in the region; noting that this will require significant and ongoing efforts from both countries and cannot be done without the active engagement of women parliamentarians. The plan of action stressed that the shared legacy of culture, history, language and religion provides the foundation for a common understanding to address the challenges while recalled the importance of an inclusive approach to ensure long and durable results, and the vital contribution that women parliamentarians make to the democratic process. It further emphasized that conflict impacts women differently than men and that women play a unique role in conflict resolution, peacemaking and peace building. It stressed the importance of building a strong regional network of women parliamentarians from Afghanistan and Pakistan to contribute to sustainable peace and stability in the region. Welcoming the first Afghan women parliamentary delegation to Pakistan as a stepping stone in building relations and cooperation between the two countries; it commended the Womens Parliamentary Caucus for its efforts and leadership on increasing the visibility and contribution of women in Parliament. The Islamabad Action Plan commits that The Afghan delegation will activate the process reviving an inclusive Women Parliamentary Caucus; actively promote a sustained dialogue between women parliamentarians between both countries, including a return visit to Kabul by a select group of Pakistani women parliamentarians in the autumn of 2011;Develop an effective and sustainable bilateral focal group of women parliamentarians, which is responsive to the core issues in relationships between Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially relating to peace and security. A steering committee will be established, consisting of three women parliamentarians each from the two countries;Develop a jointly agreed agenda of priority issues, especially the protection and promotion of womens rights, that should be advocated for by both women lawmakers in their respective National Assemblies; To strengthen the capacity of Afghan and Pakistan women lawmakers though regular policy briefings and advocacy opportunities with regional and international lawmakers. Act as a pressure group for advocacy in both countries for the inclusion of women in all peace negotiations and security dialogues.