KHANEWAL - Staunch and diehard workers of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) have accused the local as well as top leadership of ignoring and marginalising sincere and devoted activists and workers who rendered invaluable scarified for the party during the rule of dictatorship. The situation has created disappointment and annoyance among the grassroots of the PML-N and the top leadership should address the situation to end the sense of deprivation among the party workers. Leaders of the PML-N including Sheikh Muhammad Ashgar Najmi and Arshad Khan Ghauri expressed the views while talking to the newsman here the other day. Mr Najmi claimed that he was among those workers who rendered various sacrifices and faced all difficulties including prison, police torture and threats by the administration and political parties to changing loyalty. But with the grace of Allah we remained loyal to PML-N, he elaborated. He pointed out that now it seemed the party local and national leadership had totally ignored the diehard and staunch workers after coming into power. On one hand, sincere and devoted workers and activists have been marginalised, sidelined and ignored while on the other hand the party has been obliging those elements which played the role of Lotas and left the party in testing time, he detailed, adding that these elements neither had sympathy for the party nor for the leadership as they always switched over loyalties for their personal gains. Speaking on the occasion, Arshad Ghauri recalled that it was the sincere and devoted party workers who responded to the call top leadership for the long march for the restoration of judiciary. We gather people; we make people came out of their house and reached on the call of Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who were striving for the restoration of judiciary and Chief Justice of Pakistan, he claimed, adding that both the party top leaders had admitted in their speeches that sincere and devoted workers and activists were the real asset to the PML-N and they would rewarded.