A journalist, Saleem Shahzad was killed in the most brazen way. It appears the PNS Mehran Naval Base is probably the centre stage of events taking place in this whirlpool of the uncontrolled happenings. Saleem was the author of a very insightful book on Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Yet apart from that Mehran base attack appears to be redefining the complete milieu of political thought in Pakistan. The event is directly questioning the capacity, capability and intensity of the state to come forth in hours of crisis. P3-C Orion was an icon of maritime pride. It is rightly considered to be an eye which can see beyond horizon. The question is who is systematically moving to mitigate these icons one by one? The sad part is the loss of life and two of the three P3-C Orion getting destroyed. The nation has to move forward from here. First and foremost is the need to make a national counter-terror policy and a counterinsurgency strategy. Dialogue, deterrence and development are not enough; these are not steps of a policy regimen rather these are mere means to achieve an end. In the same way, the 'clear, hold, built and transfer are not the policy options of any counterinsurgency strategy; these are the essentials of any move towards reaching a strategy per se. What is the way forward? Our loss is colossal but the damage control mechanism has to be put in place. Pakistan navy has lost its arm of long range maritime patrol aircrafts. Also during any nuclear standoff, it is the submarines that become the most important game changer. It is not only one weapon which decides the complete outcome but surely it is the main deciding factor. Destruction of long range patrol aircraft is therefore a big loss for Navy. ABID LATIF SINDHU, June 2.