LAHORE - The Pakistan Peoples Party has issued a fact-sheet underlining the alleged failures of Punjab government in the past three years. The PPPs Deputy Parliamentary Leader in Punjab Assembly, Shaukat Basra released these papers to the media on Sunday enumerating over 100 areas where government performed poorly. The fact-sheet, which is not supported by any documentary evidence, asserts that Punjab government did not convert 8-Club Road into an IT University as promised by the chief minister in 2008. It makes mention of the alleged corruption in sasti roati scheme, favoritism in establishment of task forces, creation of artificial sugar crisis and enlists 13 sugar mills owned by Sharifs. The papers further say that Rs1.2 billion development funds remained unutilised in the health department, besides alleging that development funds released for 1,309 schools were misappropriated. It claims that 14 mega projects worth Rs50 billion will be affected due to Punjab governments decision to reject foreign aid. The charge-sheet alleged that government failed to ensure procurement of wheat at the official support price of Rs950 per 40kg as farmers were forced to sell their produce to middlemen at Rs750 to 800 due to non-availability of gunny bags. It said that despite its tall claims about breaking the begging bowl, the provincial government had written a letter to Asian Development Bank seeking Rs23 billion for construction of Khanki Barrage. According to the so-called fact-sheet, Punjab governments outstanding loans have surged up to Rs100 billion mark while it was facing a budget deficit of Rs70 billion. Corruption amounting to Rs40 million was unearthed in police department, but government tried to conceal it, the papers maintain. It has been alleged further that the government failed to achieve its tax collection target during the current fiscal. From July 2010 to April 2011, it had collected Rs56.15 billion as against the set target of Rs76.31 billion, the document said.