Karachi Police on Monday submitted the investigation report into PNS Mehran base attack to the authorities. According to the investigation report, the number of attackers was 10 to 12 who entered from Check Post No.9. It has also been disclosed in the report that 7 to 8 terrorists can be identified on appearance. The report further says that Lieutenant Irfan Asghar, who was present in wardroom, heard the first blast at PNS Mehran, while the first wireless information of the attack was given by Sentry Muhammad Adnan who was deputed at the runway. The investigation team recovered 860 empty shells of SMG, 165 shells of 222, 30 shells of G 3 riffle, 7 rocket shells, 7 teargas shells and 1 suicide jacket after the attack. The investigation authorities also recovered 10 hand grenades, 2 rocket launchers, 4 SMG riffles including 55 cartridges left by the terrorists. The report mentions that the duration of encounter between the security officials and the terrorist was 12 hours.