Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani during his visit to Multan has announced that progress on the proposed Saraiki province would be made soon. He also informed media persons that the PPP and some other political entities were in support of creating a new province. According to him a Manifesto Committee has been set up in consultation with President Asif Ali Zardari. He went to the extent of saying: You can see the promise being materialised. Mr Gilani must keep in mind that If new provinces would be created merely because some groups are demanding, then there would be no end to it and it would lead to opening a Pandoras Box. Already demands for Bahawalpur and Hazara to be made provinces are in the air. Former PPP leader Taj Mohammad Langah and Senator Mohammad Ali Durrani are leading the struggle for Saraiki and Bahawalpur provinces and Sardar Baba Haider Zaman Khan is at the head of the movement for Hazara province. If one peeps into the history, there was a move to covert Karachi into Jinnah Abad. But the question is from where the money would come to run the establishments of these proposed provinces. Already, the non-developmental expenditure at the federal and provincial level has reached a stage which the nation could ill afford. And if it is just a political move sponsored by the PPP to put PML-N to disadvantage, then it is very unfortunate. Instead of playing politics to damage the nation, all political parties should put their heads together and strengthen the local body system that alone would resolve the problems of the people living in remote towns and villages. The concept behind LBs was to empower people at the grassroots level so that they could take decisions to resolve the plight of the public. Pakistan cannot afford the luxury of having more provinces and allow the administrative machinery to gulp the already limited financial resources. The constitutional provision of holding referendum could be opted to settle the matter once and for all.