LAHORE - Civil Society Forum has announced to stage a sit-in against the possible efforts of some elements to save Indian agent Sarabjeet Singh who masterminded and executed the subversive actions in which innocent Pakistanis were killed including children. CSF President Ishaq Mayo made this announcement in a press conference along with forums members at a local hotel on Sunday. He demanded that time had come to expose the elements bent upon rescuing the RAW agent, Sarabjeet Singh who mercilessly carried out acts of terror inside Pakistan killing our children and civilians. He said that it would be highly shameful for the people of this country if Sarabjeet Singh was released after Raymond Davis and Indian agent Kashmir Singh. Ishaq questioned what delaying the execution of Sarabjeet who was sentenced to death for his acts of terrorism and espionage activities in Pakistan by a court of law. He said that India reciprocated the release of Kashmir Singh with the mutilated body of Pakistani citizen Khalid Mehmood, which reached Pakistan almost in the form of a skeleton.