At least 23 people were killed and several others injured in three consecutive US drone strikes in different areas of the South Waziristan Agency. An unmanned US drone on early Monday morning at about 2:00am fired two missiles on at a house located in mountainous region Manrran of tehsil Burmil, few kilometers away from tribal headquarters, Wana. The house was destroyed completely in the drone strike and at least eight people were killed in the attack while two others sustained injuries. In second attack a US drone at 6:00am targeted a so-called hideout of militants in Wachawana area of SWA. Two missiles were fire on the house resultantly the house was completely destroyed. Ten persons were killed in the said attack while three others sustained injuries. The locals on self assistance basis recovered the bodies and injured from the rubble of both houses destroyed in missile attacks. However due to lower flight of drones the tribesmen seem reluctant to take part in rescue activities. In the third attack a US drone fired missiles at a vehicle in Shawal area destroying it completely and killing five suspected militants. Sources said that seven foreigner militants were among the 23 people killed in the three US drone strikes. Meanwhile, five US drones continued lower flights in different areas located adjacent to Wana, the tribal headquarters of SWA creating panic and fear among the tribesmen. According to official sources nine militants killed in the attack belonged to Punjabi Talban, seven were foreigners and seven were local fighters. It is worth mentioning that the US drones had also targeted a militants hideout in Ghawakha area of Wana a couple of days back killing nine militants including head of Harkat-ul-Jehad Al-Islami (HuJI) Ilyas Kashmiri.