ISLAMABAD - In an unusual development, a senior official of a sensitive organisation has written a letter to the Ministry of Industries and Production in defence of some individuals who are being probed by the FIA for alleged corruption. The letter advocates for an important role for these accused in the Uch II mega gas project. Dated May 12, 2011 and exclusively available with The Nation, a strong worded letter written by S Wilayat Husain, Member Technical of Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL) to the chairman of State Engineering Corporation (SEC), Ministry of Industries and Production discloses that Uch II Gas Process Complex is being entrusted to KRL by Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) for development. It is worth a recall that last Wednesday, the Islamabad High Court, in a public interest petition against the alleged corruption in annulling tender for Uch II Development Project, had ordered to maintain status quo on this project. In the aforementioned letter, the KRL official has categorically slammed Sanaullah Shah, the Managing Director of ENAR Petrotech Services a subsidiary organisation of SEC strongly supporting some former top officials of ENAR Petrotech against whom Sanaullah Shah had approached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). In his letter, Wilayat Husain wrote, The ex-senior management of ENAR who have the design/engineering/ management expertise and extensive experience and recognition across the oil, gas and refining industries are steering all activities for realisation of this project of national importance. Mr Shah by defaming this core group of professionals is trying to derail this project. Under previous senior management, ENAR were selected to act as consultants for UCH-II project by OGDCL. Mr Shah in a clear conflict of interest and violation of PECs consultancy rules has now written to OGDCL and openly announced in the press that ENAR would be a contractor for the UCH-II project along with others. Further our strategic projects which require engineering, equipment and material provisions and constructions work which are all being carried out under guidance of our senior consultants are also likely to be adversely affected. Available with The Nation, an audit report issued by Rahim Jan and Company Chartered Accountants finds former officials of ENAR Petrotech Mehmood Ali Ahmed, ex-managing director and ex-general managers Pervaiz Rizvi and Sajid Pervaiz to be involved in serious financial irregularities. The report covers the period between June 30, 2007 to June 30, 2010. Through a letter dated May 14, 2011, ENAR Petrotech MD Sanaullah Shah had approached the FIA on May 14, 2011 against Mehmood Ali Ahmed, Pervaiz Rizvi and Sajid Pervaiz for causing huge losses to the government exchequer on account of their illegal, unlawful, malafide and fraudulent acts in criminal breach of trust and also embezzlement/misappropriation of public funds and misuse/abuse of powers. Allegedly, the three aforesaid accused, in collusion with some individuals at KRL, are trying to get control of the $200 million gas project in a non-transparent manner. The accused have filed a case in the Sindh High Court (SHC) against ENAR Petrotech and the FIA, and the matter is pending in the SHC.