Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is one of the most renowned personalities of Pakistan. He is not only popular in Pakistan but is a well-known name all around the globe. Honoured with the title of Mohsin-e-Pakistan, Dr. A Q Khan has always contributed positively for the well-being of our country. He is most popularly known for establishing the Nuclear Weapon Program of Pakistan. Indeed, it is all because of him that Pakistan enjoys the status of being a nuclear power.

Despite the allegations he was charged with and the house arrest he was subjected to, he only came back stronger to serve his beloved country. His contributions and accomplishments towards Pakistan don’t just end here. He is at the forefront of social work in Pakistan. He has established 12 mosques, 5 dispensaries and community health centers. Apart from this, he has also developed 21 educational centers.

Recently, he inaugurated a charity hospital by the name of ‘Dr. A Q Khan Hospital Trust’. This mega project consists of almost 200 beds and is situated at Maulana Ahmed Ali Road, near Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore. This hospital aims to provide the underprivileged people of Pakistan with free-of-cost medical and health facilities. His project is a noteworthy contribution to our society and a much needed step towards betterment. Some other well-known personalities also contributed and donated to this mega project.

Our country needs a lot more national heroes who are as compassionate and dedicated as Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. His services and contributions towards Pakistan’s development are exceptional indeed.


Karachi, May 14.