Rawalpindi - The district Administration on the directives of Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) General, Capt (Retd) Qasim Ijaz has set up 20 pushcart bazaars and 150 DC counters in Rawalpindi district to provide food items to the citizens at government rates.

According to a district administration spokesman, the bazaars and DC counters were prepared with uniform design and official price lists were displayed prominently.  The ADC General had instructed the ACs to set up 20 pushcart bazaars and 150 DC counters in mega stores and cash and carry outlets.

The spokesman informed that earlier, the areas were identified by the authorities concerned for setting up pushcart bazaars and DC counters.

He said that in Rawalpindi city, pushcart bazaars had been set up at Haideri Chowk, Committee Chowk, Shahbaz Sharif Park, Jhanda Chichee and Chungi No. 22, while one each pushcart bazaar had also been established in Taxila and Kotli Satyan tehsils.

He said that pushcart bazaars were set up along the roads in such a way that the flow of traffic could not be affected.

Five pushcart bazaars were established in the city area of Rawalpindi, three in Cantt and three such bazaars in Saddar area of Rawalpindi, he said adding two pushcart bazaars were also set up in Taxila, Gujar Khan and Kahuta tehsils while one each bazaar was established in Kallar Syedan, Murree and Kotli Satian to facilitate the citizens. 34 DC counters were set up in Rawalpindi City and 30 in Cantt areas as per the target, he said adding, 10 DC counters were also set up in Kahuta and Kallar Syeddan, five in Murree and one in Kotli Sattian.