47 POs among 219 arrested in DIK in May

DERA ISMAIL KHAN    -   In a series of suc­cessful operations target­ing anti-social elements across the district, the dis­trict police have made sig­nificant progress in main­taining law and order. Over the past month, a to­tal of 219 accused indi­viduals, including 47 pro­claimed offenders, were apprehended by the dili­gent efforts of the police.

The operations not only resulted in arrests but also led to the recov­ery of a substantial cache of weapons and drugs. The seized items includ­ed 03 rifles, 68 pistols, 22 guns, 08 Kalashnikovs, and 1184 cartridges, which were in possession of the apprehended indi­viduals. This successful crackdown will contrib­ute to reducing the threat posed by these arms in criminal activities.

Additionally, the police conducted targeted op­erations to combat the menace of drugs in the district. During this peri­od, law enforcement au­thorities seized a total of approximately 82.264 kilograms of hashish, 4.722 kilograms of hero­in, 4.745 kilograms of ice drugs, 5.01 kilograms of cannabis, and 229 bot­tles of liquor. These ef­forts will significantly hamper the drug trade in the area and help protect the well-being of the lo­cal community.

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