Development process can be augmented by active women participation, says Azam Nazeer Tarar

ISLAMABAD   -    Federal Minister for Law and Justice Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar on Monday said there should be no discrimination in terms of services as women had performed outstandingly in every profession over the years. He said the women con­stituted half of the population in Pakistan and by ensuring their active participation in the socioeconomic sphere the development process could be augmented in true letter and spirit. The was addressing the seminar “Reclaiming the Space: Reading the Constitu­tion from Women’s Perspec­tive”, jointly organized by the Ministry of Law and Justice and the Women Parliamentary Ca­cus ( WPC). The minister said he stood there not just as a gov­ernment’s representative but also as a proponent of prog­ress, equality and justice for all. The Constitution of Pakistan was a beacon of hope, a guid­ing force that laid the founda­tion for the nation’s values and principles, he added. He said it was essential that “we view it through a diverse lens that encapsulates the struggles and aspirations of all the members of the society, specifically of the women. When we speak of reading the Constitution from women’s perspective we aim to enhance our understanding and ensure that all individuals are treated equally under the law”. He said the gender-based discrimination still existed in various forms withing our so­ciety and it was more visible in remote areas. He said,”We have abundance of laws for the pro­tection of the rights of women but the issue lies in the imple­mentation of those laws. Let us all pledge to work together to strengthen the implementation mechanism and to enhance the parliamentary oversight in this regard.” The minister said first there should be examination of situation and then an imple­mentation and monitoring plan should be devised in coopera­tion with all the stakeholders.

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