The lack of planning  

I am writing to highlight a critical issue that continues to afflict our society – the absence of family planning. This dire situation has resulted in children being born into poverty and subsequently subjected to exploitation through child labor. It is imperative that we acknowledge and address this grim reality without delay.

Statistics reveal that a staggering 12.5 million children in Pakistan are currently engaged in labor, with 73% falling between the vulnerable ages of 5 and 14. These children toil in hazardous conditions, devoid of protection and education, often receiving meager or no wages at all. Such exploitation not only violates their fundamental human rights but also perpetuates the cycle of poverty and illiteracy plaguing our society. Additionally, these children face increased risks of physical, mental, and sexual abuse.

The root cause of this predicament lies in the lack of family planning within the lower-middle-class and beggar communities. The absence of education and awareness among these individuals prevents them from comprehending the significance of family planning and the adverse effects of having too many children on their economic and social well-being.

It Is the responsibility of the government to tackle this issue promptly. They must launch awareness campaigns to emphasize the importance. Furthermore, strict enforcement of labor laws and provision of educational and training opportunities for children are vital steps towards eradicating child labor.

As a society, we must also assume our part by raising awareness about family planning and child labor, while actively supporting organizations dedicated to addressing these challenges.

In conclusion, the plight of children ensnared in child labor demands immediate attention. By promoting awareness about family planning and ensuring access to related services, we can dismantle the chains of poverty and exploitation, forging a brighter future for our children.



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