In the rhythm of unity: Pakistan stands together with Sehwan attack victims

Unity and solidarity is clearly seen among overseas Pakistanis as well, who are supporting volunteers back home

It’s well over two weeks since the tragic event at Sehwan Sharif took place. Pakistanis across the globe continue to pour in their love and affection for the victims and their families. With aid to support their livelihood and facilitate them with medicines, groups of volunteers continue to travel to the victim’s hometown.

Ghalib Khalil, co-founder Azaad Pakistan, is one of the most active humanitarians who is trying to help the victims and their families with an ardent zeal and passion. With a brigade of volunteers, who hail from diverse cultural and religious background, Ghalib has been able to make a significant contribution. Previously, in the aftermath of last year’s blast in Gulshan-e-Iqbal park on Easter Sunday, along with his team he remained dedicated to the cause of helping the victims. Not only did they support the victims and their families with medicines and ration, offering emotional support and keeping their spirits high was the top priority of their agenda. The team is travelling back and forth from Lahore for relief activities.

“Our focus is on the entire community of Sehwan Sharif. Besides showing support through relief activities for the victims, we are trying to help those who have been effected otherwise,” said Ghalib Khalil adding, “We began our work by researching on the families and individuals who have been hurt. With a team of volunteers, who’s helping out of their own earnings, the maximum we are able to do right now is to provide daily ration to the affected families. Sehwan Sharif is a very small town, which is why businesses have been affected adversely at the same time.”

As Ghalib Khalil shared, the shrine is the main source of bread for the locals as it includes transporters, street food eateries and so on. Since the blast all of this has been affected the employment of the people is affected too. He said, “We are also trying to see how we can help them in future, because when these victims are discharged from the hospital, some of them cannot do regular jobs due to disability. We are not giving up hope. Together we are carrying this weight and united we will be able to diffuse terrorism.”

While tragic events like these pierce deep into our hearts, it is events like these that testify to the solidarity of this nation. Careem, as an established business, has helped a lot in supporting the volunteers in reaching out to the victims of Sehwan Sharif, who are hospitalized in various small neighbouring cities. Collaborations such as these make the initiatives stronger and an impeccable success. While the campaign is underway, the volunteer effort has found widespread success among the masses. By sharing messages and video Bahar Niklo, the message of love, peace and unity is penetrating deep in the heart of the nation.


In an effort to pursue coexistence, tolerance and interfaith harmony, Peaceful Pakistan is dedicated towards promoting a peaceful narrative and anti-extremism discourse among the masses. During the recent events, a very influential message was shared across social media.

#Peaceful Pakistan #NotInMyName #NotInTheNameOfIslam

Unity and solidarity is clearly seen among overseas Pakistanis as well, who are supporting volunteers back home. To convey the peace and coexistence which is the core value of Sufism, a group of enlightened and freethinkers organised an activity at SOAS University in London. Shumaila Jaffery, an eminent journalist, took to Facebook in order to help spread the noble message.

It is encouraging to see how the entire nation is coming together to defy extremism. One has to give credits to the Twitterati and Facebookers for actively lending a helping hand and sending out motivational messages to encourage the nation to unite. After all, united we stand, and together we will make a peaceful Pakistan.

Marian Sharaf Joseph is an independent journalist. Her work for local and global publications focuses on culture and community affairs

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