KYIV/MOSCOW - Talks between Moscow and Kyiv to seek a way to end the bloody conflict triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will resume on Monday, Ukrainian negotiator David Arakhamia said Saturday.

“The third round of negotiations will take place on Monday,” Arakhamia, the parliamentary leader of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s party and an envoy to the talks, said on his Facebook page.

In what seems like a world away from the war in Ukraine, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has been meeting staff from state airline Aeroflot. In the meeting, broadcast on state TV, Putin said Russia would consider any country that imposed a no-fly zone over Ukraine as having committed an act of war.


Sitting around a packed table of about 20 women, the image is very different to a recent photo of him holding a meeting on a long table, several metres away from his closest military commanders.

The meeting came as Aeroflot said it was cancelling all international flights - except to and from Belarus.

Russian airlines have been banned from UK, EU and US airspace as part of a raft of sanctions over the country’s invasion of Ukraine.