Alma maters always play a constructive role in nourishing students for all aspects of life so that they can cope with hindrances and problems later on. They facilitate students specifically in the field of education. In a wider sense, education does not only deal with academics but also their social, economic and financial worries. Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad stands tall as an institution that imparts quality education, good governance and solid work ethics.

Unfortunately, this institution is playing havoc with students’ lives due to its shoddy mismanagement. There is a frequent increase in tuition and hostel fees. Students come here from all over the country to seek quality education. Most of these students are from remote, poverty-ridden areas, unable to afford heavy fees. Recently the students met the Vice Chancellor and complained about different issues. He gave them hope that their issues would be looked into. Yet the administration did not do much; as a reaction, the students started to protest against the VC and the administration by chanting slogans against them.

The VC, in retaliation, issued a notice to evacuate all the hostels as soon as possible. He is a sensible and responsible person and it is beneath his stature to react so strongly. According to some newspapers, he has even suspended 15 students. This does not make any sense. Institutions are run by mutual cooperation and coordination of students as well as the administration. This issue should not have been personalised; it does not concern any one individual. All legitimate demands of the students should be given importance so that they continue their studies without any tension. QAU is one of the country’s leading intuitions. In no way should its good name be besmirched. Moreover, the ‘punished’ students should be allowed back into the university so that they can carry on with their studies.


 Islamabad, May 3.