Solution to all ills lies in Nizam-e-Mustafa

Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan Central President Pir Ejaz Ahmed Hashmi has said that the solution to all the national and international crises lies in the promulgation of Nizam-e-Mustafa (PBUH) in Pakistan.
Addressing the party workers in Daska and Sialkot, he said that the nation had already tested all the other systems, which had badly disappointed the masses. He added that the promulgation of Nizam-e-Mustafa (PBUH) is the dire need of the day.
Mr Hashmi stressed a need for unity of the Muslim Ummah to crush the anti-Islam conspiracies like Yemen War, saying that the time was high now for the Muslim world to get united and shun their differences for the glory of Islam.
He expressed complete solidarity with Saudi Arabia and vowed to sacrifice even their lives to protect the holy places of the Muslim Ummah especially “Haramain Sharifain”.
He alleged that the anti-Muslim forces wanted to sabotage peace in Islamic countries by hatching conspiracies. He added that the threats of damaging holy places were enough to shake the conscience of the Muslim Ummah, asking it to wake up and be united for the glory of Islam. He said that Pakistan was passing through very hard time, due to which it has now become vital to promote national unity, faith, discipline, protect sovereignty and solidarity of the country for curbing the menace.
He urged the Muslim Ummah to be united and shun their sectarian differences in the large national interest and glory of Islam.  Hashmi vowed to continue a nation-wide move for protecting the ideology of Pakistan and Tuhaffaz-e-Namoos-e-Risaalat. He narrated that Islam had presented a global system of foolproof security and peace, saying that the terrorists have no religion, as every religion gives the lesson of love and peace and respect of the humanity.
He added that the present wave of terrorism was a conspiracy against the Muslim Ummah. He also urged the Ulema to play their role in promoting religious harmony, brother hood, unity, faith and peace in the society.
He said that it was the demand of the day to forge unity in our ranks. He narrated that harmony and unity among the ranks of the Muslims was the need of the hour which could help resolve the problems being faced by the Ummah.
Hospital sealed as stolen drugs seized in raid: A health department team raided a private hospital located on Eimanabad-Sialkot Road, and recovered a huge quantity of not-for-sale medicines supplied by the Punjab government for the public sector hospitals.
The team was led by EDO (Health) Dr Javaid Warraich. Taking action under the Drugs Control Act, the team sealed the private hospital.
Meanwhile, police raided at various shops and places in Sialkot city’s congested localities including Rangpura, Hajipura, Naikapura, Model Town, Pooran Nagar and Tariqpura and seized more than 5,500 kites of different kinds and 700 strings including metal strings, during a crackdown on kite flyers, sellers, purchasers and manufacturers.
The police have also arrested 10 shopkeepers including Raza Haider Shah, Sheikh Abdul Wahab, Arsalan, Tayyub, Umer, Hafeezur Rehman and sent them behind bars. Likewise, a team of Anti Corruption Establishment (ACE) caught red handed sub inspector Muhammad Aziz of Muradpur police station while taking Rs150,000 in cash as bribe from citizen Muhammad Adnan for declaring Adnan’s father Muhammad Bashir as innocent and non-guilty in a rape case.

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