A new debate has been stirred in the country after the PM waved a letter in procession on 27th March. Curiosity arose as it was unusual of the PM Imran Khan to read something from the paper with great caution. People across the country were divided over the authenticity of the letter terming it as a political stunt while others believed it in reference to US interventions in the past not just in Pakistan but also in other countries.

After the National Security Council (NSC) statement, there is no more ambiguity left about the authenticity of the letter. Now the military that was trying its best to stay away from the political drama, is somehow involved after the “letter gate” issue. Meanwhile, China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi have also issued a statement saying that “they could not allow Cold War mentality to be revived and camp confrontation to be repeated in Asia. Small and medium-sized countries shall not become tools or even victims of the great power game”.

The dirty politics in Pakistan has been turned in such wrong directions that our politicians have lost their credibility.

The PM on national television has alleged the three major political parties head for taking funds to overthrow his government and on the other hand opposition leaders blamed PM IK for taking foreign funds. Based on numbers, the opposition is winning in the “No Confidence Motion” but despite winning, the PM has damaged the credibility of this motion.

Undoubtedly PM IK is a very popular leader and after the NSC statement, public sentiment will be highly in favour of him. Instead of mud-slugging the media, I think the responsibility falls on the opposition to clear their names first from these serious allegations. Winning a “Vote of No Confidence” against PM IK is actually not winning with the baggage of such serious allegations.

Our country is passing through crucial times. One can hope that these politicians prioritize national interests and settle their issues before someone else intervenes to resolve them. Keeping in view the current situation it seems unlikely that they will keep aside their egos. The assembly is going nowhere. Respected institutions should intervene to diffuse the situation as our country is not in a position to withstand the current political drama. The concerned institutions should not just investigate the issue of alleged funds to the main political parties’ heads but also should find out why the letter by the government was brought so late in front of the NSC. Someone has rightly said that foreign powers can’t destroy Pakistan. Only Pakistanis can do it.