Amir Muqam targets Muttahida for inconsistent policies

SWAT Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa President Amir Muqam on Saturday said that it is very strange that Muttahida Qaumi at one stage holds rallies against PPP and President Zardari while next day it took to streets in their favour. Terming the current government corrupt, he said due to their pathetic and fraudulent policies all government institution were destroyed. Addressing a press conference at Syed Afzal Shah LaLas residence here where LALA family members resigned from their parties and joined PML-Q here at Odigram Swati, he said that the so-called champions of Pakhtuns rights have only earned a bad name for the Pakhtuns and proved to be the cause of their destruction. Coming down hard on the ANP government leaders, he accused Ghulam Ahmed Bilour that he has destroyed Railways and sold out even the tracks and its machinery and saying that massive corruption in the KPK province was recorded in the current tenure of their government. Foreign aid, received for rehabilitation and developmental projects, was used on making monuments at main chowks of Mardan and Charsadda. ANP leaders are trying to make fool of the masses by giving credit to themselves for the projects initiated in our government. About ANP chief Asfandyar Wali Khan, Amir Muqam said that the leader who had fled the country after one blast had no right to talk of rights of the Pakhtuns. Thrashing the incumbent government, Muqam said, they were not sincere in solving the problem of the masses as inflation is increasing day by day and people are passing through hard time. as they cannot feed their family twice a day and on the other the corrupt government is busy and on the run to survive in the power and maintain their portfolios. He challenged that the entire Sui gas pipelines in district Swat were stretched during their government except two areas and ANP government were inaugurating Gas pipeline schemes and plotting their name tags. He further said that a billion of dollars were received to rebuild schools and help out flood affectees but no so far nothing has been done in this regard.

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