Murad Ali Shah says, “It’s 

PM Imran who used to claim when POL price is increased by Re1 it means the prime minister is a thief”

KARACHI  -  Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the PTI government in the center has proved to be one of the most inefficient, ineffective, and incompetent governments in the history of the country, therefore its representative just to hide their weaknesses have been adding oil to fire wherever any untoward incident takes place. 

“But, people have come to know their representatives attitude, aptitude and proclivity of fueling the fire to make the situation worse, therefore nobody bothers to pay heed towards them and their statements.”

This he said on Friday while talking to media just after offering condolence with the relatives of Nazim Johio allegedly killed in torture at Achar Sallar village, District Malir. He was accompanied by provincial ministers Saeed Ghani, Imtiaz Shaikh, Sajid Jokhio and MPA Riaz Shah Shirazi.

Mr Shah said that between Thursday and Friday night the Federal government announced to increase POL price by another Rs8.14 per liter making it Rs145.82 per liter. “This is the relief the prime minister has given to the poor people of the country,” he criticised him and said the price of atta, sugar, vegetables, pulses, tomato, potato, and onion have gone out of the purchasing power of the people and what to talk about chicken and mutton which has become totally unaffordable. 

It was PM Imran who used to say that when the price of POL was increased by Re1 it meant the prime minister was a thief. “I won’t term him as a thief but what kind of efficiency he has shown by snatching two square meals from the poor people of this country,” he asked. 

The CM said that the people of this country have lost all their hopes in the PTI government, therefore they, in a large number, were participating in every protest staged against price hike. “Our party has become the voice of the people to condemn the PTI government for unleashing a Tsunami of price hike,” he said and added the solution of the problems of the country were with PPP.

The PTI government has killed people economically and now wherever any untoward incident takes place its [PTI] people rush there and instead of resolving the issue or helping the people, start fueling the fire just to divert the attention of the people from the failures of their government’s failure.

To a question, the Chief Minister said that his ministers, party people and administration helped the family members of Nazim Johio, allegedly killed in torture, in registration of FIR. The sitting MPA of the ruling party has been arrested and the victim’s family would be given justice.

Earlier, the Chief Minister offered condolences to the brother and uncle of late Nazim Jokhio and got details of the incident. The Chief Minister on his way back to CM House went to the residence of Salman Murad, former chairman Karachi District Council, and offered condolence with him over the death of his grandmother, the mother of late PPP MPA Salman Murad.