KARACHI - Outstanding courage of a personal bodyguard saved the life on ANP leader Asfandyar Wali, who luckily escaped a suicide attack a day after Eid when he was meeting his supporters and friends at his home in Wali Bagh.   Had any harm was done to the ANP chief, the hell would have unleashed hell that might have sparked an internecine and vendetta fighting among the Pakhtoons. Political analysts believed that the attack was against a secular leader, who had always avoid taking sides in the ongoing battle in the tribal areas of NWFP and had always sought solving problems through negotiations. The kind and invisible hand of God had spared Pakistan from a political catastrophe. Asfandyar Wali, the grand son of Bacha Khan, had always walked a tight rope and strove for unity among the Pakhtoons across the board. The suicide bombing was a gruesome reminder to the political forces fighting to bring peace and tranquillity in the country and to the government which had bent backwards to find a respectable solution to problems facing FATA. The bombing reminds that the destabilising forces have the men and materials and boldness to strike anywhere in Pakistan at will. Coming almost immediately after the Marriott bombing and targeting one of the leading political figures of Pakistan, the Charsadda suicide attack would confuse all the secular and liberal forces in Pakistan who are working to rid the country of extremism and terrorism. The Taliban factor has once again reared its ugly head causing concern among the government which should take all imaginary or otherwise perception about Taliban seriously. In a city like Karachi, the head of MQM was constantly warning the government about Talibanisation in some areas of the city. However, his warning was ignored and given no credence by the concerned government functionaries though the MQM leader had provided sufficient proof. The latest incident in Baldia town is sharp reminder that the Taliban have their loose network in Karachi.   The government should deal the Talibanisation process in the urban centres before it's too late. The sensitive agencies should carryout the vigil not only in Karachi but in cities like Islamabad, Quetta and Lahore and even Faisalabad and Multan to detect elements sympathetic to the brutal cause of Taliban. The security situation all over Pakistan and in Sindh has become so tense that President Asif Ali Zardari and her daughters were advised against visiting Gari Khuda Bux where the former slain Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is buried.The Talibanization in Pakistan also echoed in Joseph Biden and Sarah Palin speeches in the United States where the two nominees for the vice presidential seats spoke about the threat that the mountainous tribal areas pose for the world. These two candidates also spoke about the number of religious seminaries, who they accused of training terrorists and suicide bombers. These voices are not of irresponsible individuals but of those who have the information from the American spy networks.One has not to go far to prove that some of the madressas are actually involved in training terrorists and suicide bombers. The proof is at the doorstep of Karachi where a three wheeler rickshaw driver Rahimullah alias Naeem alias Ali Hassan, the Ameer Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LJ), Sindh, was motivated and trained in a madressa and has almost becomes a suicide bomber.